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Affordable Used Car Sales

Just like no two car shoppers are the same, so too are dealerships and the classified sites that they used to advertise their inventory. We’re committed to improving the auto buying experience from start to finish. For that very reason, we’ve built a unique platform to showcase cars, not advertising.

Don’t waste another moment. Pre-owned vehicles are sold everyday and the longer you wait, the greater your chances of missing out on the model of your dreams.

Affordable Used car sales
Forget the Ads

Forget the Ads

We’ve gotten rid of all the advertisements we had on past sites because they’re too distracting. We want to help you focus on your search.

Contact the Dealer

Contact the Dealer Directly

When you’ve found a used vehicle you want to purchase, call the dealer. There are no hidden forms to fill out to complete your purchase.

Free to Browse

Free to Browse

Not only is using our site free, but there’s no need to sign up. We won’t email you spam or call for telemarketing purposes.

Search Any Way

Search Any Way You Like

Not everyone is going to search for a car the same way. That’s why we’ve provided several avenues to find just what you need.

Join Us and Change Automotive Digital Advertising

We’re working hard to improve how buyers and dealerships engage with one another because we think it’s about time things got better.


1st Generation Leads

We only promote 1st generation leads because they’re ten times more likely to close in a sale than any other type of lead.



We’ve gotten rid of all of the excess advertising. No more competing ads; just forthright classifieds.



By allowing backlinks to flow from our site to yours, we’re helping you improve your positioning on SERPs.

long-term customers

Long-term Customers

A direct and seamless buying experience means more word-of-mouth recommendations and life-long customers.

Affordable Doesn't Mean Missing Out on Quality

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to purchase used instead of new.  Here are our top three reasons why used autos are fabulous!

Save Money

Save Money

Models with slight wear and tear are just as good as new! You’ll find plenty quality models on our site.

Trade-in Opportunities

Trade-in Opportunities

Many dealers are willing to haggle a trade-in. Find a model you want and call the dealer for details.

More Financing

More Financing

Whether you’re just starting to build or repair your credit, used car dealers have plenty of flexible payment plans.

Our Blogs And Editorials

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to purchase used instead of new.  Here are our top three reasons why used autos are fabulous!

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